Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Preserving the Cultures of the World Through Your Creative Work

ACEO Croatian Girl Matryoshka Art Print on my "The True Vampire" Jewelry Box
Today I've found something special in my mail box. It was small enough to fit in a regular envelope, and yet big enough to put a huge smile on my face. I received my ACEO Croatian Girl Matryoshka Art - Print I ordered from Amy Perrotti.
Why is that so special, you ask? First of all, the art work Amy did is amazing. I never thought you could be so precise in details when it comes to expressing creativity through digital form, but she proved me wrong. I still say I couldn't.
Second, even though I live in the United States, I was born and raised in Croatia, and this special ACEO Croatian Girl Matryoshka Art-Print is sitting on my desk now, reminding me of home, and putting a smile on my face every time I look at her.
Third, as Amy says on her Etsy profile page her "Matryoshka illustrations are original designs, her artistic interpretation, inspired by various cultures. They share common design elements to both unify the collection and to illustrate that all cultures, all peoples, have much in common." And that is the most important part. 
As a person that's coming from a country that doesn't even count five million people, preserving my culture, tradition and values is very important to me. Finding Amy Perrotti was a blessing. The first thing I did, I messaged her basically asking her to design a Croatian/Istrian Girl Matryoshka. I was not expecting she would already have her, because we are so small, and... well, most people I met in the United States so far, never heard of my country. 
Therefore, I'm happy I found Amy Perrotti, a talented artist who is preserving and celebrating the cultures of the world through her unique, creative expression. If you like Matryoshka Girls, beautiful illustrations and art-prints, or just various cultures in general, visit Amy Perrotti's Etsy Shop and/or her blog. You will not be disappointed.
Another thing I should definitely highlight about Amy is the way she treats her customers. I ordered one ACEO art-print from her, and received two, with a personal thank you note from the author as well as her signature on the back. 
What a precious contribution to my future ACEO Matryoshka Girls collection :).
In the picture above you can see my Croatian Girl Matryoshka displayed on the jewelry box I crafted myself. To see more of my work, please visit Istria Design on Etsy.
I wish everyone a fruitful and creative day.




  1. I love her stuff and have pieces for my daughter....thanks for leaving your comment on my blog!

  2. You are very welcome, I enjoy your blog. Thank you for stopping by :)

  3. Thank you Ivana for this very kind post and for your support! And, congratulations on your new blog, happy blogging!

  4. You are welcome. I'm looking forward to your future posts.

  5. I adore ACEOs! I have one from TheBrilliantMagpie and Sacari. Fine art is deeply personal but, more often than not, falls into the 'want' category. ACEOs are great in that respect because they're affordable (and ultimately addicting :P)

    Your piece is gorgeous and Amy is so talented!

    Merry Christmas!